Welcome in Cigánd!


We invite You into Cigánd, the only town of the Bodrogköz. The town 4.3 km2, fields surrounding it are 5000 hectare. There were times when these fields provided the living for over 6000 of the village. Now its population is only 3600. Cigánd is 40 km from Sátoraljaújhely, 30 km from Sárospatak and 16 km from Kisvárda. It is situated on the right bank of the River Tisza. The settlement escaped the chocking embrace of the river lasting for sever centuries when the Bridge Rákóczi Ferenc II was inaugurated in 1994. Thus, the roads opened independent of weather and season to Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, especially to Kisvárda that is 15 km from the town.


For the people living in the town the love for the town and traditions that developed in the past 700 years is very important. The advanced state growing from the historic root of the town are shown in the intentions and deeds of Cigánd. Tradition preserving is present even in the kindergartens. The young men do not get confused when songs of the past, traditions or food are mentioned.


Cigánd is still the flagship concerning the development of the Bodrogköz. The Self-government tries to provided the necessary means for the comfortable living of the people. It is natural to have internet or cable net in the town full of streets abundant in flower and trees and where the people can read the local press too... It is natural that the children of Cigánd learn to dance and play music along with learning the internet.


The first documents mentioning Cigánd are from 1289. However, we also know from the writings of Anonymus that the original settlers also turned at that place. It is not known who are in the graves that were from the time of the Original Settlement but there are many findings that suggest the presence of Slavic population at the area. It is thus possible that the settlement had been occupied before the arrival of our predecessors.


Even the name Cigánd is debated. When some hear the name, they often believe that it has to do with Gypsies. It was the situation in the middle of the past century despite the fact that there is no trace of gypsies in the documents of the town. Their first appearance is documented from 1416 when they were called the 'fugitives from Egypt'. There is a concept saying that the name Cigánd is from the word 'zug', another trace the word back to 'szigony'. What is the truth? We will possibly never know.
But for the people of Cigánd, the most possible explanation comes from the works of Anonymus: '`in the 937th year of the embodiment of the Lord, the chief Árpád sent out his soldiers to occupy the whole land in between the River Tisza and Bodrog, all the way from Ugocsa with all its settlers. While they were spending there days, they saw that the area was abundant in hunt, vegetable and fish. For this they became to love the land.'



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